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Having graduated from Uzbekistan State World Languages University (1993-1998 English Philology MA and Linguistics BA), soon after he started his teaching career at boys’ Uzbek-Turkish Economic High School in Tashkent. Has got two decades of teaching experience at tertiary level (University of World Languages, Westminster International University in Tashkent and Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent) delivering courses in the areas of ESP, EAP, Integrated skills, PD, Testing and Assessment, Materials Design, ICT in ELT and Communication Skills. He pursued non-degree study at Temple University, USA in the field of Methodology and Bridge Courses (2000-2003). He won scholarship from the British Council to study TTT (Train the Trainer) programme at NILE (East Anglia University, UK) in 2008. He has had extensive teacher-training experience across Central Asian Universities in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan running courses for novice and tertiary level ELT and also taught ESP and military English at the NATO and UK Embassy in Tashkent on behalf of British Council. Besides, he is certified British Council IELTS Ambassador, whose job is to deliver IELTS training courses at BC designated institutions.

He is currently involved in joint projects of British Council, Ministry of Innovation and Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education (Creative Spark) and DUET, TTT, IELTS Learner and Teacher training (BC) and On-line Maktab (Avloniy Scientific Research Institute and Ministry of Public Education).


MA in English philology (UWL)

Non-degree Methodology and Bridge Courses (Temple University, USA)

British Council Scholarship in TTT (NILE, East Anglia University, UK)


EAP, ESP, EOP, ICT in ELT and Communication Skills.


Assessment Literacy, CPD (Continuous Professional Development), Learner Autonomy, Developing Learning Strategies, Materials Design and Development, and Pedagogy vs Andragogy.


2002 Grant winner of the Junior Faculty Development Program administrated by ACCELS, USA.

2003 Distinguished Research Award “Commercial Banks Privatization and Creation of Private Banks in Uzbekistan as the Necessary Factor to Restructure the Banking System”,

presented at a Spring International Conference with the Allied Academies on April 9-12, (USA)


·Murad Ismailov & Emine Sheykhametova 2021. How to become a professional English language teacher? ELT Webinar. Cambridge School. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 13 March, 2021.

·Teacher Training 2019. Uzbekistan Presidential Schools’ Induction Programme for Teachers and Leaders. Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Cambridge Assessment International Education. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 26 Aug.- 3 Sept. 2019.

·Teacher Training InSETT (In-Service Teacher Training) and TTT. British Council Dushanbe, Tajikistan 2008-2015.

·Teacher of the Year Award 2013. Fund Forum and Ministry of Higher and Specialised Education.

·Best Youth Trainer Award 2010. UNESCO, UNICEF and Fund Forum.

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