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MDIS Tashkent is full of excitement where students strive to create a fun learning environment that encourages communication and interaction among the students.

Student-run groups have been established by the Student Council  of MDIS Tashkent with the aim of assisting students in contributing and discovering their talents through relevant avenues. Clubs and societies offer students a wide variety of events and activities that takes learning beyond the classrooms and provides a unique experience. Clubs gather twice a week throughout the Academic Year.

Social Clubs

  • Tourism Club;
  • Cover Club;
  • Photo Club;
  • IT Club;
  • Research Club;
  • Drama Club;
  • Comedy Club;
  • "What? Where? When?” Club

Language Clubs

  • French Language Interest Club;
  • Spanish Language Interest Club;
  • Chinese Language Interest Club;
  • Korean Language Interest Club;
  • Italian Language 
  • Russian Language Interest Club;
  • Japanese Language Interest Club;
  • Turkish Language Interest Club;

Sport Clubs

  • Soccer Club;
  • Volleyball Club;
  • Swimming Club;
  • Tennis Club;
  • Chess Club;
  • Gym Club;
  • Ping-pong Club.
  • Fitness Club;
  • Judo Club;
  • Arm Wrestling Club;

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