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Research seminar “COVID-19 impact on professional networks in tourism industry”, Dr. Deniza Alieva

Research seminar “Restructuring commercial banks in Uzbekistan” PhD. (c)  Nodira Rakhimkhodjaeva

Research seminar “Sustainability perceptions of Community Based Tourism by stakeholders in Central Asia” PhD. (c) Gulnoza Usmonova

Research seminar “Managing crowdsourcing technology in the framework of entrepreneurial development of Uzbekistan” PhD. (c) Yuliya Paramonova

Research seminar “Improving a personnel motivation mechanism in the quality management system in food industry” PhD. (c)   Dilafruz Kurbonova

Research seminar “Socio-economic factors and innovation: seeking for causality” Dr. Sherzod Aktamov PhD.

Research seminar “Partial privatization and subsidization in a mixed duopoly: R&D versus output subsidies” Dr. Timur K. Muminov

Open research seminar “Influence of university groups formation on academic performance” Dr. Deniza Alieva

Open research seminar “Accession of Uzbekistan to the WTO and its economic consequences”, Dr. Shukhrat Shadmanov

Open research seminar “Promoting Critical Thinking Skills in ESL and Communication Skills Classes”, Tatyana Sokhrannaya and Nodira Akhunova

Open research seminar “Analyses of factors influencing on innovative development of the economy”, Dr. Sherzod Aktamov

Open research seminar “Development of the risk management system in the commercial banks of Uzbekistan”, Shavkat Djuraev

Open research seminar “Prospects of implementing Islamic FinTech in Uzbekistan”, Shavkat Mamatov

Open research seminar “Teaching Conflict”, Elena Khanzadyan

Open research seminar “Derivations and automorphisms of two dimensional real algebras”, Dr. Dilmurod Bekbaev

Research seminar “Popular Conferences in Business and Economic Fields”

Research seminar “Accredited International Organizations in the Republic of Uzbekistan”

Open research seminar “Useful Platforms for Researchers” Dr. Timur K. Muminov

Research seminar series: Conducting the research – 1st session: Selection of topics

Research seminar series: Conducting the research – 2nd session: Reviewing the literature

Research seminar series: Conducting the research – 3rd session: Development of theoretical and conceptual frameworks 

Research seminar series: Conducting the research – 4th session: Research questions and hypothesis

Research seminar series: Conducting the research – 5th session: Research design

Research seminar series: Conducting the research – 6th session: Research methods


Conferences and round tables

International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Youth entrepreneurship as a factor of the development of the country's economy"

Online round table “Recovering tourism through empowering tourism literacy”

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