On the 19th of October 2012 MDIS Tashkent held its next Inaugural Graduation Ceremony. This time the Graduation was even more cherished to all, since apart from the graduates of the University of Wales, students pursued degree of the Southern Cross University also graduated. The event was held at UniCampus. MDIS Tashkent Team cordially congratulate all the Graduates and their parents!


Student's life at MDIS Tashkent was the most beautiful, happy and exciting period of my life. MDIST  is a place where I got many friends not only among mates,  but also among teachers and staff. Smart, well-educated,  experienced teachers and staff taught us to work hard, always go forward and reach success. Thank to all for the great student's life which was full of energy,  positive emotions, and happiness. MDIS Tashkent will always be in my heart.

Kim Anna

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Banking and Finance


First of all I would like to thank all of the teaching and administrative staff of MDIS Tashkent for being very supportive and encouraging throughout the whole programme. I have received very useful academic, professional and personal experience while studying at MDIST. Moreover I met a lot of enthusiastic, friendly and very positive people.

I wish to MDIS Tashkent prosperity and success in preparing qualified specialists for further development of our country.

Otajonova Lola

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business and Marketing


MDIS Tashkent is the place you want to be to get the most valuable expertise and knowledge for your future job. I personally experienced the beginning of "Lifelong Learning" which helped us-students to study hard and cope with struggles and challenges during the studies. For us-students,  this became the second home where we spent half of our day with our "second family" - true friends. This is the place which generates brilliant minds and stands for its name, preparing outstanding managers for the bright future of our Uzbekistan!

Kazakbaev Sarvar

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Management


I came to MDIS Tashkent to accelerate my professional maturity and to equip myself with relevant academic knowledge essential in the present business world. During my MSc programme I enhanced my skills in strategic management, banking, accounting and other crucial subjects. The curriculum was challenging,  hence gave incredible room for further improvement. Moreover, all lectures were taught by sophisticated professors, who made academic process interactive and brought new ideas. The reasonable class size also was beneficial. It gave us opportunity to know our lecturers more closely and built comprehensive network connections. Finally,  I would like to say that everything in MDIS Tashkent was an excellent experience,  one which stayed with me.

Timur Yakubov

Master of Science (Hon) in Management

(Banking and Finance)


2 years ago when I have attended my very first lecture as a Master's student,  the graduation day seemed to be so far, and yet this day has come. After completing uncountable number of assignments and exams, I am happy that I could have done this and I am honored to be a graduate student of MDIS Tashkent programme accredited by University of Wales. 

Mirkhalikov Shakhrukhbek

Master of Science (Hons) in Management

(Banking and Finance)


Enrolling in University of Wales,  MSc programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I will never come to regret it. Outstanding faculty,  state-of-the-art-facilities,  excellent learning opportunities and supportive university staff have made my experience here a truly inspirational and challenging journey towards knowledge. Most importantly, hopefully some life-long and true friendships have been forged during my time at UniCampus. I am profoundly grateful to the MDIS Tashkent for that.

Nurlibek Ukubaev

Master of Science (Hons) in Management

(Banking and Finance)

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