With the aim to increase the level of students’ knowledge and strengthen their spirit, and better understand MDIS (Singapore) culture, traditions and attitude, MDIS Tashkent in cooperation with MDIS (Singapore) has launched a summer incentive programme, with over 100 MDIS Tashkent students enrolled. Within the framework of the partnership cooperation, students of the MDIS Tashkent are sent to MDIS Singapore annually for internships. As part of the internship program, within 7-10 days, students have the opportunity to listen to lectures on management, behavioral psychology and other subjects, visit leading enterprises in Singapore. Every year, arriving students use this opportunity to tell about the economic and cultural potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan through a presentation. Also, the program of students' stay includes visits to the cultural and historical sights of the Republic of Singapore. The aim is for students to embrace lifelong learning, ensure the delivery of high quality programmes and nurture new talents for future development prospects. The selection of students is carried out in accordance with the SOP procedure approved by the MDIST. Based on the results of a successfully completed internship, students receive appropriate Certificates.

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