Graduation is an important event - the culmination of all students hard work during their studies at the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent.

Graduation is a proud day for all graduands, family and friends. It's a chance to celebrate all that they have achieved throughout student life and to look back at the years they have spent with MDIS Tashkent.

MDIS Tashkent is keen to make this day a special one.

Here you can find out what graduands need to do to ensure that Graduation Day remains in students memory as one of the happiest days.

Eligibility to Graduate

All students must check their eligibility to graduate with the Student Services Unit (SSU).

To be able to graduate in October graduands:

  1. Must have completed their programme of study and clear all modules;
  2. Must have no outstanding debts owed to the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent.

Graduation Invitations

If all the requirements for graduation have been met, the Registration Package shall be sent to students webmail address, which will comprise information but not limited to the following:

  • Invitation Letter
  • Confirmation Form
  • Gown Rental/Purchase Form (rental or purchase of gown only applies to students of the degree programmes)
  • Instruction for the Collection of Photographs

Students must confirm their attendance six (6) weeks before the Graduation Ceremony as stated in the Confirmation Form.

For more detailed information please contact SSU at +998 71 276 91 60 or send an email:

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