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Since its formation in 2008, the institute has trained over 2,600 specialists, who are currently employed in the fields of tourism and hospitality management, banking and finance, accounting, business and marketing, industrial management, and business and enterprise management.
Each year, the institute performs a placement survey of all MDIS Tashkent graduates. Placement information is obtained through the survey and is supplemented by data obtained directly from students and employers.
MDIS Tashkent assists students in identifying and developing their future career goals through better self-awareness and preparation techniques. Students are encouraged to take confident steps to build their careers through different job seeking strategies and career development workshops and activities offered by the institute. MDIS Tashkent provides internship opportunities for current students to obtain working experience in local or international companies operating in Uzbekistan.  Internships are an excellent way for students to acquire necessary skills in a challenging environment provided by employers, as well as an added value to the graduate's Curriculum Vitae. Internal statistics show that graduates who completed internships were offered higher starting salaries by a greater number of employers, compared to those without internship experience.

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