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The purpose of Academic Writing Club is to help students better convey ideas and build up arguments in an academic way. It aims to improve vocabulary, to enhance analytical skills and to provide tools for writing papers on multiple topics.


  1. Familiarization with the module. Expectations of the subject
  2. Introduction to the Harvard Referencing System. What you need to know about plagiarism: Quoting and paraphrasing. Academic Honesty or just ‘borrowing ideas’? 
  3. Evaluating sources. Working with the library and the Internet sources
  4. How to approach your assignment
  5. The different types of articles
  6. Writing an article: developing a thesis statement and topic sentences
  7. Writing an article: writing introductions and conclusions; a paragraph development. Writing practice
  8. Unity & coherence. Writing practice
  9. Academic style and academic vocabulary. Deciphering unfamiliar vocabulary
  10. Grammar: sentence structures, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, use of modals and passives etc. Practical exercises
  11. Doing research before writing
  12. Wrap-up and Feedback Session 


For updates and announcements, follow our Academic Writing Club channel on Telegram: https://t.me/awc_mdist

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