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   I thought writing this testimonial would be easy, it is when I sat down to write it that I realized how wrong I was. The mention of our institute brings with it so many memories; I find it hard to mention and select few. First, I am very proud and honoured to say that I am one of the very first graduates of MDIST. I can also surely say that I spent wonderful four years there, each being a different experience on its own. Being one of the first graduates puts considerable weight on our shoulders, because we are the ones who have to show the promise and potential of our young generation to the rest of Uzbekistan and abroad. We were given all the tools and support to succeed, with proper mentoring and the right mould of education and nurturing. We built the Student Council from scratch so our next generation of students will have a baseline to follow and improve – which they have managed with excellent results. The hardworking students of the institute continue to support the ones who need assistance to get a foothold in their studies – a prime example of the unique environment which we have managed to create at the institute. Later, those bonds of friendship and unity will result in a wide network of MDIST graduates who will have a big say in the future development of our country. Today, we have fellow graduates working in different fields – ranging from banks, government ministries to the private sector. I would like to thank the management staff, teachers, students and graduates for creating and maintaining the MDIST culture, I hope every mention of the institute will bring us all only positive memories so we can be proud and honoured every single time.

Jaloliddin Ibodov, Banking and Finance, University of Wales, 2012


   The best years of my life, a lot of positive emotions, meeting a lot of good people, who became my close friends, tons of experiences with high level education – that’s what you can expect from MDIS!

It is impossible to describe how cool was my experience during these 4 years of studying at this institute, starting from the social life and the student community, that was founded by us, and the education process, that was extremely hard and interesting.

Today, overwhelming part of students, who graduated from MDIS, are working in reputable government organisations and private companies and are holding good positions. Due to that fact, we can witness the quality of education at MDIST!

Personally, for me the greatest experience was to be the part of the student community. I gained a great deal of social skills, communication skills and the last, but not least I made a lot of good friends and expanded my network.

Aripov Azizbek,  Banking and Finance, University of Wales, 2014


   I still recall how confused I was when I graduated from an academic lyceum and not yet decided which major to choose. After receipt of many references about the confident future of students of Management Development Institute of Singapore, I finally decided to apply! And I can confidently say that would never ever regret the choice! This is because of amazing lecturers who nurtured me all those 4 years. I have been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts having followed an approved programme in Accounting and Finance of University of Sunderland at the MDIST in 2015. I give a great deal of credit for any success I have had in my professional career to the education I obtained and the faculty that taught me at MDIST. I had many role models there that pushed me to excel at whatever I did. They also showed me that you have to give to your profession as much as you can. I can surely say that the faculty staff  members were extremely helpful, and I am very grateful for helping me to become more self-confident and ready to face the business world equipped with my knowledge.

Temur Sheraliev,  Accounting and Finance of University of Sunderland, 2015


   When I came to study to Tashkent from Samarkand on my own, I was a young lady who was seeking and striving for knowledge, the one I would not be able to get from elsewhere. I was very reserved and not so much confident.           

Throughout the years spent at MDIST I gained the confidence I have right now; I gained knowledge that shaped my outlook and eventually my future. The teaching approach of each lecturer would remind me of friendly conversations and exchange of minds where everyone could be free to express their own thoughts and analysis. I am honoured to be a graduate of such an amazing and caring teachers who still coach me up to this day. I am grateful that the fate brought me here.

After graduating, I worked in different organizations abroad where I did use my knowledge acquired in institute and was glad to know that I can find my way wherever I was. My following steps in career have been way high. I am still a student, pursuing my Masters degree and exploring a foreign country full of promises.

I am sure that I would not be able to achieve all I have done now if I didn’t get it from my mom, grandma and my teachers. During stressful and tough periods of exams, projects, deadlines, they, along with my university fellows, taught me how to be patient, organized and concentrated. The sleepless nights prior to examinations would not be as fun without my friends at MDIST. I feel myself blessed and will be grateful till the end of my life. I thank everyone who has contributed in establishment of MDIST and everyone working here to ensure safety, discipline and great study. Although time has passed, memories shall never fade. Thanks to MDIST for being a reason for such sweet memories!

Aziza Khasanova, University of Wales, Banking and Finance, 2015


   I started as a fresh faced youngster in 2012 wondering how I could survive the university - yet I succeeded one step at a time!

Upon graduation I was all set to begin my new life and to pursue the chosen path. I think the one important lesson I have learned at MDIST is just how much better life becomes when we follow our passion.

Truth be told, I have become an absolutely different person from which I came in as a freshman in MDIST. I hope I’m also a better one. I’ve learned so much about so much — my field, my interests, myself, and so on — and I feel like, if I turn back time, my younger self wouldn’t even recognize me!

To everyone who was the part of my life during those four years, I say thank you. To parents who stood by us no matter what. To teachers who tried to instil a passion for learning in us. To administrative staff who only tried to make our academic experiences as stunning as possible. To friends who were there for parties, study sessions, and everything in between. And everyone else! Without you there would be no point in being here, no way to move on. Thanks to all the loving, kind people I’ve met during my time at MDIST!

Islomjon Abdumuhtorov,SCU Graduate , 2016


    I have made a great decision by applying to MDIS in Tashkent, Accounting and Finance(UoS). First of all, I want to thank all teachers who made a great contribution to our knowledge, teachers who shared their valuable experience with us, and MDIST administration that cared about us when we were in trouble. Studying hard in accounting and finance faculty, I have acquired many skills, which I will definitely use in my future finance career. I have learned that, nothing is to be earned without hard work and study.

It was a great experience studying at MDIS Tashkent; here I meet many friends who share the same interests with me.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents who supported and directed me in my bachelor’s degree, and I want to recommend applying for Accounting and Finance as it will give much opportunity and make your life better.

Shamsutdinov Bekhzodkhuja, Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting and Finance University of Sunderland, UK 2017

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