About us

Research, Innovations and Consultancy Centre (RICC) is a solutions-oriented environment where the faculties, students and industry practitioners pool their knowledge and experience to advance research, innovation and education. The Research Club is organized at RICC for MDIS Tashkent students of all majors and for those seeking career within academia. The club is an institutional promotion aimed at increasing the overall students understanding and developing the skills to conduct a research. It also intends to motivate students and to strengthen their knowledge in publication of research outcomes. The Research Club is a collaborative way of learning and connecting with other students who are interested in research with curiosity.

Membership Opportunities

The Research Club is promoted for MDIS Tashkent students. At our Institution, students play key roles in Research & Innovations in which our MDIS Tashkent faculty are also engaged. Becoming a member of an institutional students’ club is a productive way to make a team research who share your interests in Research & Innovations. The opportunities and benefits of conducting research are boundless, but they can vary from student to student; what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. This opportunity of collaborative learning is just the beginning of the reasons why you should get involved in research.

Engaging in research will be an excellent way for you to:

  • Learn about academic research with the RICC’s leading specialists
  • Gain skills needed in any research environment that benefit you academically
  • Explore opportunities at MDIST in all disciplines within Research Club
  • Engage more deeply (academically) in your discipline
  • Learn and use techniques, methods that are appropriate to your research interest

Here is what you can expect when you will become a member:

  • Eligibility to the «Best Research Award» for students at  MDIS Tashkent
  • Access to the opportunities to conduct research under faculty.
  • Access to the libraries and research tools via faculty support.
  • Getting published in Institutional academic journals and conference proceedings.
  • Boost your resume with additional skills and institutional certificates.
  • Communicate your results in a professional way to others in your field and beyond.
  • Financial support for special achievements in Research & Innovations for the students and faculty of MDIS Tashkent (According to the Regulation of the main mechanisms on stimulating research and innovation activities among staff and students of MDIS Tashkent Chapter IV.D «8. A publication with the participation of MDIST students (co-author), in order to encourage students to scientific research»).
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