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Department of cooperation with international education institutions and research maintains international cooperation of MDIS Tashkent with foreign educational institutions for the purpose of developing and extending the export of educational services, carrying out partnership in various areas on international educational matters, organizing the courses of improvement of qualification, preparing the projects of agreements. Along with this, to expand the geographic diversity of MDIS Tashkent partnerships.

Currently, the Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with the following foreign institutions:

  1. Belarusian State University named after M.Tank (Belarus)
  2. Selcuk University (Turkey)
  3. Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn (Kyrgyzstan)
  4. American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan)
  5. Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas" (Kyrgyzstan)
  6. Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism (Kazakhstan)
  7. Western Caspian University (Azerbaijan)
  8. Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Kyrgyzstan)
  9. Khazar University in Baku (Azerbaijan)
  10. Sochi State University (Russian Federation)
  11. Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (Azerbaijan)
  12. Tourism Academy (Kyrgyzstan)
  13. Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Russian Federation)
  14. Azerbaijan Cooperation University (Azerbaijan)
  15. Almaty Management University (Kazakhstan)
  16. Woosong University (South Korea)
  17. Wakayama University (Japan)
  18. Suleyman Demirel Universitesi (Turkey)
  19. The Academy of Tourism in Antalya (Turkey)
  20. Center for Global & Strategic Studies (Pakistan)
  21. Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Ukraine)
  22. Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs (Nepal)
  23. International Humanitarian University (Ukraine)



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