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MDIS Tashkent Student Council is a strong, effective and democratic bridge between students and administration. It  is the bridge through which student concerns are brought to the attention of the administrative staff of MDIS Tashkent. Student Council is students' voice in academic, administrative and residential matters at MDIS Tashkent.

Election Results for SC President

It's time to officially announce today's Election results!

The Student Council elections are over and now it's about time to announce the results.

The balloting was moderated by MDIS Tashkent Social and Civic Development department which reported no violation of rules and incidents observed.

The cumulative results of the primary debates and general elections are as follows:

The “UNIOUTH” team is a winner of 2021 Student Council Elections.
We extend our sincere gratitude to all contending teams for their dedication, courage and willingness to make the Institute a better place.


Student Council consists of six (6) sectors, which operate to satisfy students’ needs and ensure the use the provided resources and facilities. Members of the Student Council are authorised to organise and manage clubs and activities such as thematic concerts, film shows, competitions to promote students’ rights and improve the students’ general welfare.

Student Council consists of President, Vice - President and six (6) Executives:

  1. Education Executive;
  2. Recreation and Entertainment Executive;
  3. International Students and Hostel Service Executive;
  4. Sport and Healthcare Executive;
  5. Social Welfare Executive;
  6. Marketing Executive.
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