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Student Employment

Information for Students

Our goal is to connect you to jobs that can complement and reinforce your educational and career objectives.

Working while attending MDIS Tashkent not only provides you with the salary but can also help you develop valuable skills, unique experience and build a list of good references in your CV.

On-Campus Employment

Finding a job on MDIS Tashkent Campus is a great way to get to know your peers and administration. Jobs for students are offered in administrative departments of the campus where your employers have an understanding of the academic requirements placed upon you and have the ability to accommodate your class schedule.

For all available on-campus vacancies please . You will undergo a two-stage interview process and once you are successful you can combine your studies with job.


Off-Campus Employment

Career Centre can connect you to off-campus jobs in Tashkent. Many of such positions are in the form of Internships.

Information for Employers

Employers are an important asset for MDIS Tashkent students who view employment as an additional source of revenue and gaining a real-life experience while pursuing their academic goals. We tailor our services to meet your needs, therefore, you can post your part-time positions and full-time vacancies onto our website for students' information.

For more information please contact Career Centre via careercentre@mdis.uz

For employees

The MDIS Tashkent Career Centre partners employers in their graduate recruitment efforts, and creates many recruitment opportunities like Career Fairs, Company Recruitment Speeches and on-campus interviews both for companies and students to be actively engaged in the exploration of careers.

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