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Formed in 2009 as the Department of English Language and renamed in 2016 to the School of Language and Communication it has two major goals:

1. to prepare the potential MDIS Tashkent applicants for the entrance examinations;

 2. sustain and develop the level of language proficiency of current MDIS Tashkent learners.

Indeed, department staff members were the first to face MDIS Tashkent intakes, ushering and guiding them throughout the years. The School functions have expanded to Business Communication and Public Speaking subjects, which has shaped the whole programme, comprising three integrated skills academic courses: English Plus, English Advanced and Business Communication Skills.

The aim of English Plus and English Advanced modules is to develop a requisite for academia proficiency in English language and equip students with the ability to learn and research both autonomously and in a team. Apart from perfecting language skills, students also develop their communication competencies by learning and identifying the difference between academic and functional business language.

The primary goal of Communication Skills course is to introduce students to foundations of professional communication in various business organizations and settings. Students gain essential knowledge and skills in transmitting their message in an effective and clear way during interviews and presentations, practice writing business letters and emails, enhance their effectiveness in study, job search, and work-related activities through application of communication skills, get involved in research with emphasis on editing, paraphrasing, and correct citing of sources, and others.

A student-oriented teaching approach is central to our school and all our tutors are dedicated, dynamic professionals able to provide students with academic tools necessary to survive further business courses. At present, the team numbers over 25 academic staff members, including 6 full-time lecturers, 1 visiting lecturer, and 20+ part-time lecturers working for the school.

The School of Language and Communication also runs MDIS Tashkent Professional Certificate in English - a unique English Preparatory Course that provides a systematic, well-practiced exposure to English-speaking environment, together with positive learner’s experience and regular monitoring of learners’ progress and achievements. The course includes five block modules (Elementary; Pre-intermediate; Intermediate; Academic English I; and Academic English II) designed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), the international standard for English language learning, and based on international testing systems and formats (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Tests).  

One of the benefits of the Preparatory Course is that the lessons are held by professional teaching staff of MDIS Tashkent with extensive work experience, who also work at university Foundation Year and Program levels. The learners enjoy up-to date materials at all levels; interactive multimedia content makes learning more comfortable and easy. The attendees of the course also enjoy additional facilities that help them improve their spoken English, join the campus life, and enhance their learning experience. These facilities are:

  • Free access to University Academic Events
  • Speaking Club
  • Membership at LRC (Learning Resource Centre)
  • Computer Lab

Tatyana Sokhranaya

Position: Head of School of Language and Communication Senior Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department:  Language and Communication Email: tsokhrannaya@mdis.uz

Elena Khanzadyan

Position: Senior Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Languages and Communication Email: ekhanzadyan@mdis.uz

Nodirakhon Akhunova

Position: Senior Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Languages and Communication Email: nakhunova@mdis.uz

Nargiza Abdurakhmanova

Position: Senior Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Languages and Communication Email: nabdurakhmanova@mdis.uz

Nigora Tursunbekova

Position: Senior Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Languages and Communication Email: ntursunbekova@mdis.uz

Murad Ismailov

Position: Senior Teacher Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Languages and Communication Email: mismailov@mdis.uz

Mr. Arturo Morales T.

Position: Visiting Lecturer Affiliation: Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent School/Department: Languages and Communication Email: amorales@mdis.uz
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