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On the 22nd and 23rd of October, 2015 MDIS Tashkent held its next one of the most important and expected events: Graduation Ceremony 2015. The graduates of this year have become the students who successfully completed degree programmes obtained from the University of Wales, UK - Southern Cross University, Australia and the University of Sunderland, UK. This year's event took place under the motto "Spread your wings and conquer new heights!"

The event has become truly special and remarkable for everyone. The 5th Graduation Ceremony was held at the Conference Hall of MDIS Tashkent.  

Before the conferment the Guest-of-honours Professor Peter Fidler (President, University of Sunderland), Dr. Theyvendran Ramanathan (Secretary General, MDIS), Mr. Stephen Jones (Director of Business Relations, University of Bangor) and the host Dr. Jasur Salikhov (Rector, MDIS Tashkent) delivered speeches. They emphasized that graduation is the new beginning and they need to “Spread their wings” with confidence and conquer new heights with the knowledge they gained in MDIS Tashkent to be valuable to our society.

More than 360 students have been awarded with bachelor's and master's degrees respectfully.

The graduates also delivered inspiring speeches and shared sincerely their MDIS Tashkent experience. They expressed appreciation to their parents, MDIS Tashkent and MDIS Team.

One of the speakers was Ms. Madina Nigmatova, the first class honours, graduate of BSc (Hon) in Banking and Finance, University of Wales, UK charmed the audience with her sincere words, which made them to shed tears:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am greatly privileged to have an opportunity to deliver a speech on behalf of the graduates. I am sure, that for all of us there have been times of stress, the occasional moments of panic and some extremely challenging experiences. However, we all have survived each of these moments and are now being rewarded by the recognition of our achievements and with amazing opportunities that are waiting us ahead. It has been a long four years, but here we are, ready to graduate. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our parents who encouraged us to study here, have been by our side during this roller coaster ride of our university life and supported us on our journey in a million ways. We are very obliged to our teachers who demanded excellence from us, set the bar high and challenged us to live up to it. We will be forever grateful for the generosity of your knowledge, time, talent and your constant, never ending support. We must also thank our rector, deans and all the university staff for keeping things running smoothly so our teachers could concentrate on us. We're better off for it. Congratulations! So graduates challenge yourself, continue to get out of your comfort zone and be ready to achieve unimaginable targets. Thank you!”

The most exciting and magnificent moment of the event was when all the graduates threw their mortarboards into the air.

The ambience of the ceremony was unforgettable: the sounds of the orchestra play on the background, happy parents and graduates taking photos and videos to memorize this remarkable day made The Graduation 2015 truly full of delight and cherished for all.

Once again MDIS Tashkent congratulates all the graduates and their parents with their achievements.  May your Graduation be the beginning of a bright future for you – a future filled with success and happiness. Dream Big, Think Big, Work Hard and Remember: the future is yours, so Spread your wings and conquer new heights!

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