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We are a highly reputable school of MDIS Tashkent and run our very own successful Tourism Lab and Tourism Innovations Co-Learning Center. The school is led by highly skilled international and national tourism professionals both in industry and academia, balancing and integrating international experience in local business environment.

The state-of-the-art facilities that is not found in any other institution across Uzbekistan makes Tourism and Hospitality School stand out in terms of delivering theoretical and practical knowledge and hands on experience right into the industry itself. In campus facilities include real life bar set up, high end dine-in restaurant and an exact simulator of five start hotel room and a reception area. Currently, it is the only program at MDIS Tashkent that offers internship opportunity to students from Year II.

In partnership with Bangor University, we offer and supervise two programmes under Tourism and Hospitality School.

Modules include a blend of Business Management and TravelTourism and Hospitality, including Introduction to Travel and Tourism in Uzbekistan along with Principles of Business Management and Introduction to Management and Financial Accounting

The second year becomes more focused; moving into the international domain for our International business in tourism and hospitality programme, and into the management leadership domain for the management leadership programme; the former includes international hospitality and tourism marketing and the latter leadership and HRM.

The second year includes an invaluable opportunity for a semester of structured work placement in local tourism businesses in Tashkent for both programmes.

Ethics is an important part of sustainable and contemporary travel, tourism and hospitality, and this underpins our third-year provision across both programmes.

The international business suite focuses on key business modules; strategy and business competency whilst the management leadership suite focuses on a LIVE EVENT opportunity for managers to practice their skills in a busy dynamic scenario and also focuses on contemporary issues such as medical tourism, sports tourism, e-marketing and new venture creation.

Both modules offer the third-year student with an opportunity to either select a business plan or academic dissertation for their final third year project – this is because we know as a school that students should be able to choose an option that best supports their future employability and career aspirations. This final project includes one-to-one supervision.

Gulnoza Usmonova

Position: Head of Tourism and Hospitality School / PhD candidate / Leading Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Tourism and Hospitality Email: gusmonova@mdis.uz

Dr. Lee Swee Yee

Position: Visiting Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Tourism and Hospitality Email: sweeyee@mdis.uz

Indira Rakhmanova

Position: Lecturer Affiliation: MDIS Tashkent School/Department: Tourism and Hospitality Email: irakhmanova@mdis.uz
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