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Office of the Rector

Oversees all MDIS Tashkent operations to ensure quality of services provided is maintained in its highest order and to achieve its vision to become a global knowledge enterprise.

Law Office

Represents the Institute in all legal matters, and increases consistency and outlines guidelines for processing contractual documents.


Raises awareness of MDIS Tashkent and its prominence in the fields of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education.

Department of Cooperation with International Educational Institutions

Maintains international cooperation of MDIS Tashkent with foreign educational institutions for the purpose of developing and extending the export of educational services, carrying out partnership in various areas on international educational matters, organizing the courses of improvement of qualification, preparing the projects of agreements.

Information Centre

Helps individuals and potential candidates receive complete and necessary information regarding undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, entrance examination, admission requirements, tuition fee, curriculum, faculty, facilities, and certification.

Academic Affairs

Dean's Office

Administers academic matters and programmes to ensure quality education in MDIS Tashkent.

Lecturer Management Department

Coordinate and oversee  quality of all MDIS Tashkent faculty members.

Course Directors

Oversees the academic matters of all the Partner Universities' validated schemes.

Product Development & Management

Identifies and recommends for launch of new programmes for MDIS Tashkent.

Admission & Student Administration

Student Services Unit

Fosters a dynamic and balanced student life through student support services such as student activities, international student services and sports.

Central Planning Unit

Administers physical planning process including timetable and facilities.

Central Registry

Administers matters pertaining to admission of undergraduate/postgraduate students as well as handling of transfers, withdrawals, expulsion, and visa support for international students.

Examination Unit

Administers examination and other assessment matters.

Professional Development Centre

Integrated support for students and graduates in their career education. Provision of high-quality and diverse services and programs for career planning and development to help students and graduates in achieving career goals.

Finance & Administration Department

Accounting Department

Administers the Institute's finances and provision of financial services.

Human Resource

Coordinates employment policy, procedures and practices.

Quality Assurance

Promotes the adoption of best quality practices and infuses a culture of quality and service excellence at MDIS Tashkent.

Learning Resource Centre

Provides library services and administration.

Medical Centre

Provides comprehensive emergency medical care services for students and staff. It also promotes holistic health activities that improve the well-being of students and staff in the MDIS Tashkent.

Multimedia Studio

An integrated suite of software applications designed to provide the ultimate multimedia playback experience for staff and students use.

Supports students multimedia projects both with expertise and necessary multimedia equipment.  

Public Safety

Ensures the highest standard of safety for all members of the MDIS Tashkent community and all visitors to campus.

Management Information Systems

Provides computing support and maintenance of all IT and telecommunication equipment for Institute faculty and administrative staff and develops software for internal needs.

Training Centre

Enhancement of quality of teaching through faculty development, advancement of innovative and effective pedagogy. Administers executive training courses.

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