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“CSR and ESG in emerging markets”

November 29, 2022

Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent

Date: November 29, 2022

Time: 10:00 PM (Tashkent time zone)

Venue: Management Development Institute in Tashkent

Format of the event: Offline&Online

Join the conference via the following ZOOM link:

Meeting ID:


The ZOOM meeting room will be open at 09:30 AM

The aims of the Conference:

  • To attract the attention of novice specialists and students, the scientific community, professional experts to the opportunities and prospects of CSR and ESG in emerging markets;
  • To discuss the issues related to CSR and ESG development and its global challenges;
  • To exchange experience on the modern instruments applied in CSR and ESG development in emerging markets;
  • To analyze the impact of current trends and perspectives of CSR and ESG on business and economy in Uzbekistan and other countries;
  • To design new approaches and mechanisms for strengthening the sphere of CSR and ESG.

The main thematic areas of the conference:

  • The role of CSR and ESG in attracting foreign investment;
  • Solving social and environmental problems as a tool to increase the attractiveness of enterprises;
  • The importance of transparency and accountability for the sustainability of companies;
  • Contribution of business to reducing the negative impact of the economy on the environment and solving other social problems in society;
  • Implementation of ESG principles as an important factor in increasing product and brand awareness;
  • Improving modern regulatory instruments to encourage the introduction of responsible business principles (CSR and ESG) in sectors of the economy;
  • Practical recommendations on existing issues in the implementation of the principles of responsible business (CSR and ESG) in sectors of the economy;
  • Sustainability in tourism and sustainable hospitality trends;
  • Rural Tourism and Ecotourism - sustainable ecological tourism;
  • Youth in action: driving solutions for sustainable tourism.


Abstracts/Articles submitted for the conference are to be published as conference proceedings.

Working languages of a conference: Russian, English, Uzbek.

Originality has to be at least 80%

Font: size – 14, type - Times New Roman; line space – 1.5. All margins are 2 cm.


Submission format:

  • title
  • abstract (500-600 words)
  • keywords (3-5)
  • bibliography


In case you are submitting in Russian and Uzbek, please, provide the title and keywords in English as well.

Please submit your articles with indication of full name, affiliation, degree, phone number and e-mail to conference@mdis.uz; research@mdis.uz before October 31, 2022.


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