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My time at MDIST has been the most fruitful and memorable period of my life. MDIST not only gave the opportunity to improve myself academically but also motivated me to work on my interpersonal and communicative skills. When I applied to the institute, I was doubtful whether I had made the right choice in choosing the university but now I look back and realize that I was so lucky to have studied at MDIST.

The atmosphere created in campus was very friendly. Whenever I needed assistance with assigned tasks there were always senior students and professors who were most welcoming to give a hand. The lecture and tutors encouraged us to achieve our accomplishments, especially Miss Nodira Rakhimkhodjayeva who was helpful in every way and Mr. Sherzod Aktamov who inspired me to pursue my post-graduate degree. 

I am grateful to have graduated from the faculty of Accounting and Finance which consisted of well-selected modules. Even though preparing and passing the examinations was challenging, the knowledge and skills I learned through studying in this faculty were invaluable and lifelong.

I am so thankful that I was given a chance of continuing my tertiary education in MDIST by my family and I thank them for supporting me throughout the four years. Also, I thank MDIST professors and staff for my accomplishments and for broadening my knowledge.

 I would like to congratulate all the Alumni and my mates on their graduation and wish them success.

Ibragimova Madina,

BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance

University of Sunderland, UK

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