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Dear Fellow Alumni,

It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to our newly founded Alumni Association at the Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent. I am genuinely excited, inspired and empowered by the creation of our Alumni  Association, and I hope that you also feel as excited as I am to be part of this great moment.

I believe that an active community of alumni is vital to our university’s success. Our primary goal is to foster,   maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the university.

Alumni Association organizes events and conferences to bring you together to build a strong alumni network, share our heritage and traditions, communicate your views, pass along your ideas and help current MDIS Tashkent students grow. We would also like to see you further adding your positive contribution to the academic and social life of our community.

Associating with your alumni family, you continue to discuss and reminisce about your college years. We do agree that your time spent at MDIS Tashkent provided you with a fantastic opportunity to learn and was a great place for you all to grow up and prepare yourselves for a better future. The academic part of college life started most of you on a life-long pursuit of learning. Equipped with this formal education and the tools to plan, save and build, you were prepared to start careers and families. I hope you will come to reunite with the university and old friends, as well as make new connections. After all, you are such a large part of what makes MDIS Tashkent great. I look forward to seeing you all on campus!


Dr. Jasur Salikhov

Rector, MDIS Tashkent

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