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Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent and International Humanitarian University, Odessa

Abstracts/Articles submitted for the conference are to be published as conference proceedings.

Working languages of a conference: Russian and English.

Originality has to be at least 80%
Font: size – 14, type - Times New Roman; line space – 1.5. All margins are 2 cm.

Submission format:
•abstract (500-600 words)
•keywords (3-5)

In case you are submitting in Russian, please, provide the title and keywords in English as well.

Please submit your articles with indication of full name, affiliation, degree, phone number and e-mail to conference@mdis.uz before February 28, 2022

About the Conference:

Date: March 3, 2022
Time: 14:00 PM (Tashkent time zone)
Venue: Management Development Institute in Tashkent
Format of the event: Online

Join the conference via the following ZOOM link:
Meeting ID: 829 9699 1394
Passcode: mdist
The ZOOM meeting room will be open at 13:30 PM

Aims of the Conference:

• attracting the attention of novice specialists, the scientific community, professional experts to the challenges and opportunities of modern business in the digital economy and business development prospects;
• informing about instruments and mechanisms applied in digital economy;
• assessing of the importance of the world economy development in the changing environment
• analyzing the trends and perspectives of digitalization in business and economy in different countries
• informing about public administration reforms and digital transformation in the Republic of Uzbekistan
The main thematic areas of the conference:
• Business and economy in the post-pandemic period
• Transformation of business and economy in modern conditions: challenges and prospects.
• Digitalization of the economy: world business in the era of global transformation.
• Challenges and opportunities of modern business in the digital economy
• Priorities for the development of the world economy in the transformative environment

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