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Programme title:

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Finance, Investment and Risk

Final Award:

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Finance, Investment and Risk

Interim or exit awards:

  • Certificate of Higher Education in
  • Diploma of Higher Education in

Awarding body:

Bangor University (United Kingdom)

Mode of delivery and duration:

Course Duration:

3 years (Full time mode)

Maximum duration: 5 years from the course start date

Pattern of attendance

Full-time: Monday through Saturday, 3 modules in one semester

Mode of Delivery:

This programme will be taught at MDIS Tashkent by MDIS and Bangor University approved lecturers

Programme Type:

This is a programme that is offered as an evening and day programme and can be completed in three years. The programme has eighteen modules, six in each year of the three year study. 

Location(s) at which programme is delivered: 

MDIS Tashkent Campus

Main educational aims of the programme:

  • To get a deeper understanding of finance and investment by examining business theory and practice, and policy instruments.
  • Provide participants with route forward to develop their career within the finance and investment sector and for individuals who wish to work in this area.
  • Equips participants with the ability to apply knowledge to practical problems in business with the view to enhance originality and contribution to business world.
  • Understand the ‘real world through the use of relevant data, information and varied assessment methods.


Year 1 / Level 4

1.         ASB-1110 Management and Financial Accounting (20 Credits)

2.         ASB-1114 Business Analytics (20 Credits)

3.         ASB-1117 Financial Techniques and Analysis (20 Credits)

4.         ASB-1105 Principles of Business Management (20 Credits)

5.         ASB-1300 CORE Economics (20 Credits)

6.         ASB-1501 Banks and Financial Markets (20 Credits)

Year 2 / Level 5

1.         MASB-2504 Financial Accounting (20 credits)

2.         MASB-2202 Introduction to Finance (20 credits)

3.         MASB-2410 Business Research Methods (20 credits)

4.         MASB-2505 Financial Markets and Institution (20 credits)

5.         MASB-2203 Corporate Finance (20 credits)

6.         MASB-2302 Macroeconomics (20 credits)

From AY 2021/22

1.         ASB-2111 Statistical Methods (20 Credits)

2.         ASB-2202 Corporate Finance (20 Credits)

3.         ASB-2307 Microeconomics (20 Credits)

4.         ASB-2308 Macroeconomics (20 Credits)

5.         ASB-2502 Personal Finance & Banking (20 Credits)

6.         ASB-2217 Investment (10 Credits)

7.         ASB-2512 Investment Banking (10 Credits)

Year 3 / Level 6

1.         MASB-3210 International Finance (20 credits)

2.         MASB-3207 Fixed Income Analysis (20 credits)

3.         MASB-3825 Investment Management (20 credits)

4.         MASB-3208 Financial Derivatives (20 credits)

5.         MASB-3508 Corporate Governance (20 credits)

6.         MASB-3213 Wealth management (20 credits)

From AY 2022/23

1.         ASB-3001 Mark Risk Analytics (10 credits)

2.         ASB-3008 Financial Technology (10 credits)

3.         ASB-3201 International Banking (10 credits)

4.         ASB-3204 Corporate Risk Management (10 credits)

5.         ASB-3210 Advanced Corporate Finance (20 credits)

6.         ASB-3215 Portfolio Management (10 credits)

7.         ASB-3301 Macroeconomics (10 credits)

8.         ASB-3104 Entrepreneurship, Capital and the Firm (10 credits)

9.         ASB-3309 Behavioural Finance (10 credits)

10.       ASB-3313 Financial Economics (10 credits)

11.       ASB-3527 Executive Compensation (10 credits)

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