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Programme title:

Computer Information Systems for Business

Final Award:

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Interim or exit awards:

  • Certificate of Higher Education
  • Diploma of Higher Education

Awarding body:

Bangor University (United Kingdom)

Mode of delivery and duration:

Course Duration:

3 years (Full time mode)

Pattern of attendance

Full-time: Monday through Saturday

Mode of Delivery:

This programme will be taught at MDIS Tashkent by MDIS and Bangor University approved lecturers

Programme Type:

This is a programme that is offered as an evening and day programme and can be completed in three years. The programme has twenty nine modules. 

Location(s) at which programme is delivered: 

MDIS Tashkent Campus

Main educational aims of the programme:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the broad area of Computer Information Systems (CIS) and business processes
  • Appreciation of the breadth of CIS applications and business processes and an understanding of common approaches to application architecture and development
  • Ability to formulate and analyze requirements and practical constraints of CIS computer systems
  • Develop skills in business finance, economics and marketing
  • Assess and choose optimal methods and approaches for specification, design, implementation and evaluation of computer-based systems and business information systems
  • Gain an understanding of key business models, processes, regulations and procedures
  • Specify, design, construct and operate computer-based systems including programming
  • Recognize risks or safety aspects in computer systems and business processes
  • The ability to choose and use the appropriate computing tools including programming languages
  • Edit and manipulate textual information and other on-line data in relevant contexts, especially business
  • Organize data for visualization, analysis, extraction and evaluation of information
  • Present a case and justify a course of action
  • Manage people, resources and time including one’s own
  • Recognize professional, moral and ethical issues involved in exploiting computing technology




Year 1 / Level 4

  1. ICP-1002 Unix Operating System (10 credits)
  2. ICP-1022 Programming Fundamentals (10 credits)
  3. ICP-1024 Java Programming Laboratory (10 credits)
  4. ICP-1026 Web Technologies (10 credits)
  5. ICP-1030 Computing Fundamentals (20 credits)
  6. ICP-1043 Information Systems (10 credits)
  7. ICP-1064 Professional Perspectives (10 credits)
  8. ASB-1300 CORE Economics (20 credits)
  9. ASB-1600 Marketing (20 credits)

Year 2 / Level 5

  1. ICP-2002 System Administration & Maintenance (20 credits)
  2. ICP-2052 Application Development (20 credits)
  3. ICP-2221 Database Systems 1 (10 credits)
  4. ICP-2225 Knowledge Management & Info Retrieval (10 credits)
  5. ICP-2302 Software Hut (20 credits)
  6. ASB-2109 Marketing Research (10 credits)
  7. ASB-2112 Business Information Systems (10 credits)
  8. ASB-2517 Marketing Communications (20 Credits)

Year 3 / Level 6

  1. ICP-3011 Computer & Network Security (10 credits)
  2. ICP-3025 Apps Artificial Intelligence (10 credits)
  3. ICP-3027 Databases - Design & Implementation (10 credits)
  4. ICP-3046 Web-Based Applications (10 credits)
  5. ICP-3099 Individual Project-Computing (30 credits) (CORE)
  6. ICP-3123 Internet Tech for E-Commerce (10 credits)
  7. IED-3064 Business Process Reengineering (10 credits)
  8. ASB-3122 International Business Competency (10 credits)
  9. ASB-3009 Strategic Management (20 credits)
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