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Programme title:

Business and Management

Target award:

BA (Hons)

Interim or exit awards:

  • Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Educationin Business and Management
  • Undergraduate Diploma of Higher Education in Business and Management
  • Ordinary Degree in Business and Management

Awarding body:

University of Sunderland (UOS)

Programme Assessment Board:

Undergraduate Business and Management Programme Assessment


Accrediting body / bodies (if applicable):

Not available

Mode of delivery and duration:

Course Duration:

Minimum 3 and maximum 9 years academic years  for full-time day delivery programme

Pattern of attendance

Full-time: Monday to Saturday

Mode of Delivery:

This programme will be taught at MDIS Tashkent by MDIS and University of Sunderland approved lecturers

Delivery and Structure:

Face to face delivery and in accordance to UOS Program Specification

Location(s) at which programme is delivered: 

MDIS Tashkent Campus


Students will study 120 credits worth of modules every year, through a combination of modules.


Year 1/ Level 4
1) MGT101-Business Organisations and Society [30 credit]
2) MGT102- Business Management Skills Development [30 credit]
3) MGT103- Understanding Markets and Marketing [30 credit]
4) MGT104 - Fundamentals of Financial Decision-Making [30 credit]

Year 2/ Level 5
1) MGT201- Managing Self and Others [30 credit]
2) MGT202 - Delivering Projects for Organisational Success [30 credit]
3) MGT203 - Integrated Marketing Practice [30 credit]
4) MGT204- Corporate Finance and Portfolio Valuation [30 credit]

Year 3/ Level 6
1) MGT301- Strategic Leadership and Collaboration [30 credit]
2) MGT302 - Managing Business Continuity and Resilience [30 credit]
3) MGT303 - Leading and Implementing Organisational Change [30 credit]
4) MGT304 - Business Consultancy Project [30 credit]

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