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Course overview

This broad-based degree gives you a comprehensive understanding of business concepts and models with specialist knowledge of project management.

You study business organisation, management, leadership and enterprise combined with specialist modules in project management. This programme will be particularly of interest to those seeking to pursue careers in business with a particular emphasis on project leadership, development and management.


Year 1 Modules

  1. Understanding Organisations (20 credits)
  2. Organisational Theory and Research (20 credits)
  3. Projects and Organisations (20 credits)
  4. The Market Environment (20 credits)
  5. Business Finance (20 credits)
  6. Business Enterprise (20 credits)  

Year 2 Modules

  1. International Business and Management (20 credits)
  2. Agile Management (20 credits)
  3. Managing People Through Change (20 credits)
  4. Enterprise and Practice (20 credits)
  5. Research methods (20 credits)
  6. Planning and Control of Projects (20 credits)

Year 3 Modules

  1. Strategic Management and Responsible Leadership (20 credits)
  2. Project-Based Management (40 credits)
  3. Contemporary issues in Business Management (20 credits)
  4. Dissertation (40 credits)
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