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Course overview

Human resources are the heart of every organisation and the nature of human resource management (HRM) has shifted dramatically since its establishment as the discipline of personnel administration in the first quarter of the 20th century.

With the function moving from its former labour relations role to become a true business partner, the need for human resources professionals to be more strategic in outlook has emerged.

This programme equips you with an awareness of contemporary HRM issues in readiness for being a future-thinking practitioner with cutting-edge knowledge of human resources development.


Year 1 Modules

  1. Understanding Organisations (20 credits)
  2. Organisational Theory and Research (20 credits)
  3. Business Psychology (20 credits)
  4. The Market Environment (20 credits)
  5. Business Finance (20 credits)
  6. Business Enterprise (20 credits)

Year 2 Modules

  1. International Business and Management (20 credits)
  2. Agile Management (20 credits)
  3. Leadership and Mentoring (20 credits)
  4. Enterprise and Practice (20 credits)
  5. Research methods (20 credits)
  6. HRM: Contemporary Issues (20 credits) 

Year 3 Modules

  1. Strategic Management and Responsible Leadership (20 credits)
  2. Current Issues in Business Ethics & CSR (20 credits)
  3. Concepts and Principles of International Management (20 credits)
  4. Contemporary issues in Business Management (20 credits)
  5. Dissertation (40 credits)
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