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Programme title:

Accounting and Finance

Target award:

BA (Hons)

Interim or exit awards:

  • Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education in Accounting and Finance
  • Undergraduate Diploma of Higher Education in Accounting and Finance
  • Ordinary Degree in Accounting and Finance

Awarding body:

University of Sunderland

Programme Assessment Board:

Undergraduate Business and Management Programme Assessment


Accrediting body / bodies (if applicable):


Mode of delivery and duration:

Course Duration:

Minimum 3 and maximum 9 years academic years  for full-time day delivery programme

Pattern of attendance

Full-time: Monday to Saturday

Mode of Delivery:

This programme will be taught at MDIS Tashkent by MDIS and University of Sunderland approved lecturers

Delivery and Structure:

The BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree is our newest degree and offers exemptions towards the Chartered Association of Certified accountants (ACCA) professional membership.  Successful completion of this degree will allow 9 exemptions from the ACCA.

They are:



F1Accountant in Business

F4Corporate and Business Law

F2Management Accounting

F5Performance Management

F3Financial Accounting



F7Financial Reporting


F8Audit and Assurance


F9Financial Management


Location(s) at which programme is delivered: 

MDIS Tashkent Campus




Students will study 120 credits worth of modules every year, through a combination of modules.

At Stage 1 students will undertake 120 credits of which all modules compulsory and divided between business and accounting themed modules:


All Cores:

UGB 105  Introduction to Financial Accounting  (20 credits)
UGB 106  Introduction to Management Accounting (20 credits)
UGB 107  Introduction to Business Management (20 credits)
UGB 108  Quantitative Methods for Business   (20 credits)
UGB 109  Economics (20 credits)
UGB 110  Business Law (20 credits)

 At Stage 2 students will undertake 120 credits of which all modules are compulsory and equally divided between business and financial themed modules:


All Cores:

UGB 221  Financial Accounting   (20 credits)
UGB 222  Management Accounting   (20 credits)
UGB 223  Business Finance (20 credits)
UGB 224  Business Management                                    (20 credits)
UGB 225  Business Taxation  (20 credits)
UGB 238  Audit and Assurance  (20 credits)

  At Stage 3 students will undertake 120 credits:


All Cores:

APC 313  Financial Markets (20 credits)
APC 314  Financial Management (Professional) (20 credits)
APC 315  Strategic Management Accounting(Professional) (20 credits)
APC 316  International Financial Reporting(Professional) (20 credits)
SIM 335   Managing Projects  (20 credits)
SIM 337   Contemporary Developments Business Management  (20 credits)
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