19 March 2024 202


Joy of the Navruz holiday


Celebrating Navruz, the symbol of spring and the awakening of nature, the beginning of the oriental new year, with a high spirit and great joy, has been a beautiful tradition for our country since time immemorial.

Goodness and tolerance, tranquilly, and harmony embodied in the spirit and philosophy of the Navruz world, such noble ideas as preserving the environment as the apple of an eye, are the goals and meaning of the historical changes being implemented in New Uzbekistan.

On March 18th, 2024, the Navruz festival was held in connection with the Navruz national holiday at MDIS Tashkent. The event, organised with the participation of neighbourhood activists, intellectuals, students, and employees, was held in high spirits and at a high level.

Famous artists, folklore ensembles, and creators of the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan took part in the concert organised as part of the festive event. The musical programme performed there brought joy and a spring mood to the guests of the holiday.

Sports competitions were also held. The participants had an intense competition in chess, checkers, and table tennis. The winners were awarded with valuable prizes.

Our favorite national dishes, such as sumak and pilaf, were prepared and served to the guests as part of the event.  It is worth noting that it is no exaggeration to say that this auspicious day, which embodies the centuries-old noble values and aspirations of our people, has become a national holiday for all our compatriots of different nationalities and peoples living in our country during the years of independence.

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