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I firmly believe that sometimes failure simply means changing direction. And I am that happy person who turned onto a new road and found happiness. Having failed exams at one university, I no longer fought for those doors. Instead, I thoroughly prepared for my entrance exams and successfully became a student at the MDIS in Tashkent, which in turn, was one of my best decisions in my 24 years of life.

When I say that I love my institute wholeheartedly, I really mean it.

In addition to a priceless and wide range of knowledge, I have made a solid networking here. I met a lot of true friends and even my husband, yes, right here, in my beloved institute. Also, I spent the last 2 years of my studies in 2 different statuses, being a wife and a happy mother. Although there were some challenges and difficulties along the way, they would never affect my love to this place.

My day at the institute was always full of pleasure, from the process of obtaining the necessary knowledge, communicating with my darling friends and teachers. I love everything here, the stairs leading to the main foyer, the machine with the most delicious coffee (coffee at the institute was my daily ritual), delicious food in the canteen, student events, a crowded parking, and even the slightly bitter taste of an anticipation of the grades.

Today I am on the verge of a new stage in my life, a stage with massive opportunities for ambitious and eager graduates, and this is wonderful. I am absolutely confident and, in many ways, a successful person, for which I am immensely grateful to my institute, excellent teachers, administration and directorate, who created this amazing easy atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust. The gratitude that has settled deeply in my heart, will always remind me of your dear faces, precious advices and your genuine care.

Maxametova Tamilla Muxammad qizi,

BSc (Hons) Industrial Management

Bangor University, UK

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