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Having recently completed my Bachelor's degree in MDIST university, I can truly say that skills and experiences provided to me by the programme have allowed me to develop into a confident student and financial analyst - something I suppose was a result of support of mentors and lecturers and their passion for their teaching. The study process of four years taught me to be independent and responsible as a person and gave me a chance to use all of my skills in practice. I am very proud that we had one of the best teachers in our University and would not be a Financial analyst in the banking sector now if not for lessons learned throughout my taught Bachelor's in Banking and Finance. Overall, I highly recommend the Banking and Finance programme to all of you who are eager to learn as much as you can about banks and financial markets, given the real-world perspective it offers. It will certainly push your limits but it will be worth it - the acquired knowledge and skills will make you highly competitive in the job market and will provide you with the opportunity to pursue a great career in the financial sector."

 Goipov Rustam Maxamatjon o'g'li

BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance

Bangor University

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