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In the effort of provision of fresh, excellent food and service to students, staff members and visitors, MDIS Tashkent has made a huge investment in setting up a fully equipped kitchen and serving tools within its Cafeteria. The Cafeteria operates from nine to six on a daily basis.

The Cafeteria is designed for use by staff, students and visitors. It is also a place where students and faculty can enjoy coffee break or lunch with their visitors. The beautiful paintings of the famous painters and sayings displayed on the walls of the Cafeteria take special attention of every visitor.

The Cafeteria serves more than 300 people at a time and is easy to observe because one can see the entire room at a glance with no obstructions.

The lunchtime gives students opportunity to relax and socialize in Cafeteria. The flow of students through the lunch lines was carefully thought through as well. Long lines are managed perfectly because Cafeteria staff is ready to maintain every order at any time.

All the meals served are offered at acceptable price and feature high quality standards. Our staff works very hard to provide the MDIS Tashkent community with the best service possible.

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