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Every single student is indeed anxious about their future profession and career prospects. I was not an exception and was concerned about selecting the “International Hospitality and Tourism Management” degree. Some of my friends even claimed:” Oh, what are you going to do with it later on?”. However, I had a strong inner drive to study exactly all modules related to tourism and after the first lecture I have realized that tourism is far beyond beautiful destinations and hotels, tourism is about every aspect of daily life, it is a vital component of many economies and one of the fastest-growing sectors around the world. By being one of the tourism alumni, I can say without any hesitation that, the tourism field offers vast opportunities in career.

My study at MDIST gave me particular enjoyment of all my lessons it helped me greatly to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons. During the four academic years, I have had a unique chance to actively participate in the academic and social life of the university and as a group leader assist my groupmates in academic aspects. I still vividly remember sleepless nights, various projects, exam preparation time, presentations, and lots of assignments. It is necessary to emphasize that all efforts were worth the results and consequently, we acquired essential skills such as communication, time management, strategic thinking, patience, creativity that has enhanced our personalities in achieving our career goals. Now, I believe that we are empowered and productive youngsters who may cope with any challenges successfully. Today, we are equipped with all things we need from the experiences and trainings we had undergone from our Alma Mater.

Graduation marks the end of an extraordinary chapter in our lives. With this chapter closed, I am certain that many of us cannot wait to start the next one. Unlike books, we cannot skip through pages and see how long the next chapter is going to be. We all have our own book of life that has not yet been written and with each passing day we have another opportunity to create a great story. Of course, we will not have been able to reach this stage without the people who helped us, expecting nothing in return. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my mother for her endless support, wise guidance, and constant motivation throughout my life-learning experience. Also, on behalf of the Class of 2020, I would like to say an immense thanks to all professors, tutors, and staff members of MDIS in Tashkent for their efforts, patience, love, care, and warm attitude. I am very grateful to my teachers, predominantly, Dr. Lee Sweeyee, Usmanova Gulnoza, Shafieh Dorry, Tukhtaev Bakhtiyor who encouraged me in achieving excellence in my academic performance. I congratulate every graduate and wish them the very best in future!

Kamilova Kristina

BSc (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bangor University, UK


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