“Friday Talk” with Mr. Usmon Rakhimjanov

October 4, 2019. MDIS Tashkent hosted a “Friday Talk” with Mr. Usmon Rakhimjanov, Task manager on promoting youth entrepreneurship at “Promoting Youth Employment in Uzbekistan” - a joint project organized by Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of Republic of Uzbekistan and UNDP in Uzbekistan.
The “Startup Initiatives” programme is being implemented since 2016 and is aimed at supporting young people in creating their own startups and developing entrepreneurship skills. The program is a product of joint activities of UNDP and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and this year fourth cycle of the programme is being implemented by the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations (MELR) in partnership with Youth Union of Uzbekistan, Technological Park of Software Products and Information Technologies (IT-Park), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan under the UNDP and MELR "Promoting Youth Employment in Uzbekistan" joint project funded by the Russian Federation.
“Startup Initiatives” programme started accepting applications throughout Uzbekistan to the fourth cycle of youth startup support programme. This year, in addition to knowledge and experience in creating a startup, the best projects will have access to the resources (customer base, promotion channels, API, etc.) of the programme's corporate partners (Eastlink, Uzconstructionmaterials) and receive grant funds for implementation of the project.
The support programme is implemented to undertake tasks approved by the Resolution of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan issued on May 24, 2017 No. PP-3001, provision of employment for graduates of professional colleges, academic lyceums and higher education institutions.
MDIS Tashkent expresses its sincere gratitute to Mr. Usmon Rakhimjanov for captivating presentation and is looking forward to the future cooperation.

For more information about the project, please visit the official website: