MDIS Tashkent O-Week


Please check your O-week schedule at:

Dear FY Students,

We are pleased to announce that your Orientation week programme will also feature various sport activities and competitions.

Please bring your sportswear if you are willing to participate!

Dear students!

The following dress code is strongly recommended for MDIS Tashkent students:

✔ Male students: formal white/bright shirts, trousers, tie, dark shoes;

✔ Female students: formal white/bright blouses, midi-skirts/dresses, formal trousers, dark shoes;

❎ The following clothing styles are not recommended for students and staff:

- Religious clothes (of any community);
- Sport clothes and footwear;
- Seductive clothes, e.g. transparent and mesh fabrics, open shoulders, chest and stomach, upper limbs, extremely tight.

- Extreme accessories, such as oversized headphones, metal chains, piercing, scarves and bandanas;
- Extreme make up, hair styles and beards.