Research club

The purpose of Research Club is to promote interest in research among students of all majors and for those seeking career within academia. It aims at developing skills to conduct a research, covering research methodologies and tools, data analysis, usage of primary and secondary data, etc. It also intends to motivate students and to strengthen their knowledge in publication of research articles.



  • Introduction to Stata interface, How to make Do-files and start do-file, log file
  • Types of data: Cross-sectional data, Time series data, Pooled cross sections, Panel/Longitudinal data and General Stata commands (Working on wage data)
  • How to make descriptive statistics and interpretation (Wage and students’ academic performance dataset)
  • Introduction to Research methodologies and tools
  • Analyzing Data using Graphs and Tables
  • Using Primary and Secondary Data in Research for advanced level students
  • Research and Explore Studying Options and Specializations for foundation year students


Online Zoom-sessions in frames of Research Club:

  • Citation styles for research papers and assignments
  • General overview of scholarly databases and digital libraries
  • Types of research
  • Data collection methods
  • Basics of Literature Review


For updates and announcements, follow Reseach Club channel on Telegram: