Importance of writing

Why academic writing?

 Writing and publishing articles are a vital step towards progressive academic and scientific development. It stimulates active engagement in business and management sectors by supporting deep analytical and critical thinking. When students write articles, they also learn the latest trends in different fields, because they do research before investigating a paper. As an author writes, he/she starts to collect, analyze, filter and discuss the information or data from different angles. Thus, writing articles whether it is original research, review article, case study, clinical research or just a commentary, is not only for scientists or academicians, but also for people who want to develop their business or management skills profoundly.

 Academic writing develops thinking skills, particularly, students in business and management sectors develop their analytical, critical and creative thinking abilities that guarantee to be able to assess different business environments effectively. When a student is writing academic papers, he/she should focuses on the themes both academically and practically. A student compares and contrasts various cases and simultaneously discusses them from different perspectives. Assessing the case from one point of view only – limits the effective evaluation of the proposed condition. Academic writing, however, brings analysis and discussion of dissimilar views together if properly approached. The further parts give broad description of the research design that should be followed in order to succeed in writing the academic papers that could be published for the common good.


Why to write?

 Authors write for different academic and scientific reasons. Writing, as a powerful tool, lets the author to persuade, inform, entertain, describe, discuss, argue, explore, or explain the case or data to the audience. It has been one of the oldest communication tools, and it will be in the future. Professional career is highly progressive and successful for writers whatever job is chosen as a major. Business, management, tourism, psychology, IT, finance, or other fields require active mental engagement in the working operations, and writing lets employees to dig deep into the meaning of their works. It of course, allows the employee to think about their operations both structured and unstructured ways that stimulates to bring new hypotheses and solutions to current professional challenges.