Learning Resource Centre

MDIS Tashkent Learning Resource Centre (LRC) among the leading libraries of International Universities in Tashkent. It has been collaborating with the libraries at Management Development Institute of Singapore, The National Library of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is equipped in a new style with advanced technologies, and has contributed to the development of library services in the country.

As one of the Institute’s most important sectors, Learning Resource Centre aims to create conditions to support academic process. In accordance with the international standards Learning Resource Centre consists of a library and a copy center that meet international standards.

Opening Hours

Academic year

Monday-Friday 08.30 – 22.00
Saturday 09.00 – 18.00
Sunday and public holidays closed

Holiday vacation

Monday-Friday 09.00 – 18.00
Saturday 09.00 – 13.00
Sunday and Public holidays closed

Any unexpected change to the declared opening hours will be displayed in the Library


LRC Registration Desk: +99871 2717702

E-mail: lrc@mdis.uz

WEB: lrc.mdis.uz

Learning Resource Centre has of the following sections across two floors:



Special place for students to do their independent studies, use library materials and reference books.



Copies of all academic books, dissertations  and other literature need to be available for consultation at all times and  are not available for loan. These materials also include encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries, President's Works of the Republic of Uzbekistan, social enlightenment literature of many kinds because of the unique nature of its intellectual content.



Learning Resource Centre has a capacity of housing more than 15,000 book stock, which is located at the basement of the Centre.



A special sector has been allocated mainly with the purpose of raising student spirituality and enlightenment. Sector composed of  the world and local novels, books, booklets and Journals.



Access to EBSCO,  JSTOROECD iLibrary Databases has been enabled for students research and benefit. Students also benefit from the electronic libraries of MDIS Tashkent Partner Universities, access to which is granted on the day of degree enrollment with MDIS Tashkent. Full-text searches of several hundred well-known journals, e-books  and statistical papers can be accessed through these database systems.



All borrowed materials are being registered into users account. Here Learning Resource Centre personnel assists students to reserve a book or search for the required materials.



Place specially designed for students working on group projects, and engaged in discussions and debates

The Learning Resource Centre contains books on business, marketing, management, tourism, finance, banking and information technology. Other books with focus on accounting, mathematics, personal development, statistics, international and national organizations, prominent businessmen, politicians, people of culture and arts are also found in the library. Users have also the opportunity to use international journals and newspapers issued by International Publications.


1. Who can be registered as a member of Learning Resource Centre?

MDIS Tashkent staff, students, Alumni and other independent researchers are eligible to be registered for LRC services. The ID card acts as a Library borrower card. MDIST staff (administrative staff and lecturers) and students have to come to Learning Resource Centre to register a membership. MDIS Tashkent ALUMNI and Independent Researchers can register a membership via following webpage.

2. What should I do if I lost my Learning Resource Centre card?

Students who lost their ID card should contact Student Services Unit.

3. Are international periodicals available within the Learning Resource Centre?

Yes! Learning Resource Centre has subscribed to certain international and local periodicals.

4. Are there any electronic resources provided by the Institute?

Yes! MDIS Tashkent provides its students with full-text searches of a wide range of periodicals in a specific subject, e-books,  and statistical papers through the following database systems:

5. How many items can I borrow the Learning Resource Centre materials?

Users are divided into 2 types: Privileged Users who can borrow up to 7 different items and General Users who can borrow no more than  6 different items at a time.

6. Who can be considered as a Privileged User?

Only Students’ Council members with special ID cards can be considered as Privileged users.

7. How many items can I reserve at a time?

Privileged Users may reserve up to 5 different items for a maximum one (1) week in advance, while General Users are eligible to reserve 3 different items at a time.

8. What is the allowed borrowing period?

Students may borrow academic books for one week, lecturers and staff for a duration of one semester. Fiction books can be borrowed for two weeks.  All users must return books by the due dates or with a maximum delay of up to one day which is considered to be a day of grace.

9. Can someone provide information about researching a topic?

Yes. Library personnel can advise on how to search electronic sources for your subject via databases.   Workshops about Library Regulations and using databases are also held for students by Library personnel.

10.  How do I make a copy or print out materials?

You must have an account which can be created through following steps:

a) Approach Cashier's Office

b) Pay the minimum payment

After creation of account, you can print out or copy study materials.

11. Can I bring food or drink into the library?

No. Eating and drinking (except bottled water) is strictly prohibited. Any breach of the rules of behavior may result in the temporary suspension of the Library and computing facilities. You are strongly advised to read the Library Regulations.

12. Can I bring my laptop into Learning Resource Centre and get access to the internet?

Yes! All students are allowed to use their laptop in Learning Resource Centre and get access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

13. Are there any fines for bringing the borrowed items late?

Yes, if a student brings borrowed items late he must pay fines according to Learning Resource Centre regulations.


Copy Centre is a part of Learning Resource Centre - Equipped with the required facilities and resources to print and copy any education related materials, It has a capacity to serve both students and staff. All computers at e-learning area of the Learning Resource Centre are connected to the printer at the Copy Centre, allowing students directly print required academic materials.  

Copy Centre follows International Copyright Act.  Therefore, you may photocopy or print not more than 10 percent from the whole pages of an item.

Open Hours:

Monday-Friday 08.30 – 18.00
Saturday 09.00 - 14.00
Sunday and public holidays closed
Lunch 13.00-14.00