The Student Services Unit

The main goal of the Student Services Unit (SSU) is to ensure that students have pleasant and rewarding experience at MDIS Tashkent. The SSU is intended for students to receive prompt and efficient, administrative care, and it is the main point of contact for students who may send their feedback to the Institute, including problems, issues, queries, lecturers’ evaluation and compliments.

The SSU fosters a dynamic and balanced student life through student support services such as student activities, international student services in order to arrange tutorials for weaker students who lag in their studies, with the belief that these weaker students should always be motivated and assisted to realize their potential.

There is also the convenient contact point to obtain information and services administered by the Central Registry, Examination Unit and Accounting Departments. These services relate to academic/administrative student records, tuition fees and financial matters. 


The Student Services Unit is located at the main building of the Institute on 1st floor, room 117.


The SSU manager  - Mrs. Irmetova Diyora



Assistant managers



Foundation Year

Mrs. Zilola Kuzibaeva

Mrs. Dilbakhor Bakhramova

(ext 10-65)

Year 1                         


Mr. Jonibek Khurramov                 

(ext 10-22)

Year 2                                     


Mrs. Odina Kamolova           

(ext 10-22)   

Year 3/MBA                


Mrs. Dilfuza Ulugbaeva                   

(ext 10-23)

Student Services Unit’s email:


Monday – Friday 9.00am-6.00pm

Saturday 9.00am-1.00pm      

Sunday closed