MDIS Tashkent Student Council is a strong, effective and democratic bridge between students and administration. It  is the bridge through which student concerns are brought to the attention of the administrative staff of MDIS Tashkent. Student Council is students' voice in academic, administrative and residential matters at MDIS Tashkent.

On the 23th of April, 2016 Election for Student Council was held in MDIS UniCampus. The Results of elections, conducted among Bachelor students of  MDIS in Tashkent:

Number of valid votes – 523 (out of 527 students)
Number of damaged ballots - 4
Votes for Zafar Kuchkarov from “Generation Z” - 24
Votes for Azamat Rakhmonov from “Students’ Voice” - 209
Votes for Mirjamol Mamatov from “United Students” - 263
Votes for Sardor Murodullaev from “Smart Club” - 27 

Mirjamol Mamatov from team “United Students” is elected to be a president of Student Council for 2016 - 2017 academic year.


Student Council consists of siz (6) sectors, which operate to satisfy students’ needs and ensure the use the provided resources and facilities. Members of the Student Council are authorised to organise and manage clubs and activities such as thematic concerts, film shows, competitions to promote students’ rights and improve the students’ general welfare.

Student Council consists of President, Vice - President and six (6) Executives:

  1. Education Executive;
  2. Recreation and Entertainment Executive;
  3. International Students and Hostel Service Executive;
  4. Sport and Healthcare Executive;
  5. Social Welfare Executive;
  6. Marketing Executive;


The President

Mirjamol Mamatov

President serves as a head and representative of the Student Council


Shamsuddin Turobov

Vice-President assists the President to oversee activities of the Student Council.

Education Sector


Abrorbek Alijonov

MDIS Tashkent students try to study hard, as they feel the importance of knowledge and the responsibility for their future. However, students wish to learn more, wish to revise the given material again and again, in order to firm their knowledge and to be better prepared for the exams.

Education Sector is collaborating with students on enhancing their knowledge by joining senior students on their quest for better understanding and retention of course material. The aim of Education Sector is to  provide academic support to MDIS Tashkent students and to assist them in reaching their highest academic achievements through the arrangement of various workshops.

Workshops are recognized as additional training or group studies which are the part of the students’ social life, as group study brings people closer. It is a great chance for students to better communicate with  each other. Education Sector also initiated language courses to satisfy students interest in mastering and learning French, German and Spanish languages; together with English Speaking Clubs particularly for new enrolled students; Movie Club intended to enhance students' comprehension abilities.           

 “We aim at enhancing educational process!“ - Executive of the Education Sector, A. Alijonov


Sports Sector

Oybek Matchanov

The Sports sector sets goals to initiate and organize health-improving, physical trainings and friendly competitions on volleyball, tennis, chess, ping-pong and other sport activities. MDIS Tashkent students have a great opportunity and facilities to keep up the healthy lifestyle by taking part in varied competitions to make campus life vivid and interesting.

“Sports is another field where we can show that MDIS Tashkent is the best! We want to be healthy, so why not to use the great opportunities given?”- Executive of the Sports Sector - O. Matchanov.

Recreation and Entertainment Executive

 Irina Namazova

Objective of the Culture sector is to contrast the education process and enrich the daily routine with enlightening activities. Organizing national, cultural events, important occasions and other entertainment events is among the primary activities of the sector. Culture sector organises social events for students and undertakes campus festivals, creativity contests and other arrangements.

"Good to note that students of MDIS Tashkent have a great opportunity to feel the full specter of emotions linked to the public holidays celebrations.." - Executive of the Culture Sector - I.Namazova.

International Students and Hostel Service Executive

Mukhammad Ali Yulchiboyev

Hostel sector is responsible for provision of support and assistance to students staying at MDIS Tashkent Hostel.

"Our aim is to enrich Students' life in Hostel. Small parties and cooking competitions among hostel residence are arranged.". Executive of the Hostel Sector - M.Yulchiboyev.


Social Welfare Executive

Maftuna Amilkhanova

The mission of the Media sector is to provide continuous updates of MDIS Tashkent students' social life, and to enlighten the community on the past events through publishing of articles rich of colorful posters.

Media sector keeps MDIS Tashkent community informed of daily news, announcements and  upcoming events through the Radio located at the 2nd floor of the main building which broadcasts daily news, announcements, upcoming events on a regular basis.

 “We try to do our best to entertain students during the breaks with the help of MDIS Tashkent Radio broadcasting. By creating yearbook, writing articles for newspaper and taking memorable photos we are recording history - The remarkable moments of MDIS Tashkent, beautiful Life History!!!” - Executive of the Media Sector, M.Amilkhanova,

Marketing Sector

Sitora Hamidova

The target of the Marketing Sector is to assist and contribute to promo campaigns of MDIS Tashkent and involve students in various activities and cultural events held at Campus. Principle activities include enhancement of student’s public spirit, and upbringing the solutions attitude to the Institutes’ promises, rearing the patriotic relation to the spirit and traditions of the MDIS Tashkent.

"MDIS Tashkent is a big family. Each and every member is friendly, caring,  amazing, and unique part of the MDIS Tashkent community! We are proud to be part of it! Let every student appreciate what they have, and feel the pride to be the inseparable community member of MDIS Tashkent!!!” - Student Council.