Multimedia Studio

The use of modern technologies in education has become an important element to improve the quality of education and to reduce the cost of the educational system. In addition, the students enjoy the benefit of learning and understanding the material better than in the conventional way.

In this regard MDIS Tashkent established its own Multimedia Studio. MDIS Tashkent Multimedia Studio is an integrated suite of software applications designed to provide the ultimate multimedia playback experience for staff and students use.

The mission of the Multimedia Studio is to develop, facilitate, manage, evaluate and support teaching and learning activities within MDIS Tashkent, which utilise educational technologies.

This is performed in order to:

  • uphold the Institute’s teaching and learning priorities in relation to the extension of eLearning activities throughout all discipline groups, and
  • meet the needs of an increasing cohort of digital age learners.

Among key activities of the Studio are  the development of materials using the latest technologies that support, enhance knowledge of students to allow them create, manage and construct projects as a part of the learning process.